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Online Courses: Starting Monday 12th February 2024

TSSA will be offering three courses in February/March 2024. These three courses will be metacognitive in nature, as they will be interactive and involve thoughtful practice, so participants are not just watching and reading, but applying and discussing what they have learned, and reflecting on this practice with other participants. Facilitators will be available to discuss work in progress and concerns as they arise. The Growth Mindset, Thinking in a Social Context (TASC) for project-based learning, and Thinking Maps all build a common language of thinking as they are appplicable across grades and subject disciplines. 


Camilla Antonie


Sonja Vandeleur


Sally James

Course 1 : Developing a Growth Mindset
12th, 19th February
4th, 11th March
16:00 - 17:30


This facilitator for this course is Camilla Antonie. The course delves into how to bring a Growth Mindset into your classrooms to build confidence and curiosity in your students. The potential impact that changing student mindsets has on learning outcomes and success is huge, and has been proven through research. Camilla will be joined by Yanisha Lalla in the final session, who wlll share her knowledge and experience with ChatGPT in order to develop a Growth Mindset with you. 

In this course, you will learn:

  • the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset;

  • how students perceive mistakes and how to change this;

  • strategies to engage students in effective effort;

  • how to create a culture of challenge; 

  • the power of feedback; and

  • an approach to using ChatGPT to develop a Growth Mindset. 

Previous comments about this course

  • This course provided me with more tools to use in my teaching. It has also challenged me to think not only about my responses or comments, but how I set a task to provide opportunities for good mistakes that we can use as learning tools.

  • It was very helpful having practical examples of how this can be incorporated into teaching - for example how to use mistakes and to expect them during a lesson.

  • The resources are definitely a good starting point. I like leaving with tangible learnings that I can visualise into practice.

  • I found it very helpful to have it over two sessions as it gives you time to process during the week and to try some of the ideas out and then the second session built on that initial learning so it was not too much at once.

Course 2 : Using TASC for Project-based Learning
13th, 20th Feb
5th, 12th March
16:00 - 17:30

This course will be facilitated by Sonja Vandeleur.  The TASC Wheel guides students through a process that encourages questioning, curiosity, and deep thinking. Research in over 10 000 schools found that in classes that engaged with the TASC Wheel, students showed: 

  • increased attention span and ownership

  • more engagement and enjoyment

  • improved behaviour

  • appropriate on-task behaviour

  • improved questioning

  • co-operative learning (and knowing how)

  • better self-concept and confidence, and

  •  improved academic results. 

Course 3 : Thinking Maps to Build Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
14th, 21st Feb
6th, 13th March

16:00 - 17:30

Sally James is a dynamic facilitator. She has been promoting the use Thinking Maps in her work for many years, and she is one of TSSA's most experienced trainers. The Thinking Maps provide a shared visual language for learning. It is a brain-based approach to teaching and learning, and the Maps provide a means for putting down and sharing patterns of thinking.  By using the Maps, students will build comprehension, communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.

R3 375 pp per course

R2 500 pp per course for 2 or more registrations (New Year Special)
15% discount for TSSA Network School members

Valid until 31st January
Register 2 or more delegates for R2 500 pp
Payment due: 31st January 2024

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