Online Courses: Starting Tuesday 24th May
Cost: R1 800
For bookings of more than 4 delegates, please contact


Sally James

"Thinking Maps: Finding the Way" is a course designed and presented by Sally James. This course is intended for all teachers who wish to find out how to use the Thinking Maps in their lessons. Sally will give you some practical examples and tips on how to do this.  

This course will be run on the following Tuesday afternoons from 15:00 – 16:30: 24th May, 7th June, 21st June.  

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Tarryn McLaren

This course is an introduction to the Habits of Mind. The course instructor is Tarryn McLaren. 

 This course will familiarise you with various Habits of Mind and equip you to integrate them into your practice. The Habits can be used across a wide range of grade levels and subjects. Schools that have embedded the Habits into their lessons and beyond the classroom, have found them to be highly effective in promoting intelligent behaivour. 

This course will be run on the following Wednesday afternoons from 15:00 – 16:30: 25th May, 8th June, 22nd June. 

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Sonja Vandeleur

“Delving Deeper into Questioning, Listening, Curiosity, and Metacognition” is a course designed by Sonja Vandeleur.  These important aspects are vital to deepen teaching practice and to prepare learners to be world-ready. The four sub-topics link to the Habits of Mind. Sonja will share tools and strategies that teachers can purposefully embed in their practice to enhance these life-long skills.


This course will be run on the following Thursday afternoons from 15:00 – 16:30: 26th May, 9th June, 23rd June.