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Online Courses: Starting Monday 13th February 2023

TSSA will be offering three courses in February/March 2023. These three courses will be metacognitive in nature, as they will be interactive and involve thoughtful practice, so participants are not just watching and reading, but applying and discussing what they have learned, and reflecting on this practice with other participants. Facilitators will be available to discuss work in progress and concerns as they arise. The Habits of Mind, Thinking Routines and Thinking Maps all build a common language of thinking as they apply across grades and subject disciplines. 

Sonja Vandeleur

Tarryn McLaren

Camilla Antonie


Sally James

Course 1 : A Metacognitive Approach to Habits of Mind
13th, 20th, 28th February


This course will be facilitated by Sonja Vandeleur and Tarryn McLaren. Sonja has just

become a Certification Cohort Member with the Institute for Habits of Mind, USA. Both

Tarryn and Sonja are highly experienced practitioners.

The Habits of Mind are a collection of sixteen learner attitudes and dispositions that encourage deep, disciplined thinking and intelligent behaviours. Find out how to increase your learners' complex problem solving skills and how to develop a common language of thinking. Participants will learn to make connections between their daily work in the classroom and beyond through active participation as well as support from the facilitators. 

Course 2 : A Practical Guide to Implementing Thinking Routines
14th, 21st February, 1st March

This course will be facilitated by Camilla Antonie. Camilla is a passionate advocate for embedding thinking routines into lessons to promote engagement and understanding. A Thinking Routine is a brief set of steps used to support and scaffold student thinking. They guide thinking and encourage creative, critical and reflective thought from students. 

Course 3 : Thinking Maps to Build Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
15th, 22nd February, 2nd March

Sally James is a dynamic facilitator. She has been promoting the use Thinking Maps in her work for many years, and she is one of TSSA's most experienced trainers. The Thinking Maps provide a shared visual language for learning. It is a brain-based approach to to teaching and learning, and they provide a means for putting down and sharing patterns of thinking.  By using the Maps, students will build comprehension, communication, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

R5 250 per delegate per course
15% discount for TSSA Network School members


1st and 2nd sessions: 16:00 - 17:00

3rd sessions: 15:30 - 17:30

Register 3, pay for 2

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