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The TSSA Roadshow

Pre-2020, the Roadshow was an annual event held in February/March each year. The Roadshow would travel to Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, and an international presenter would hold a day’s workshop at a host school in each of these cities. Previous presenters have, amongst others, been James Anderson from Mindful by Design (Aus), Dr Peter Ellerton from Australia (critical thinking), James Nottingham from Challenging Learning (UK) and Craig Blewett from South Africa (Activated Classroom Teaching).


Bena Kallick and Alison Zmuda

The 2022 Roadshow was digital, which meant that there could be more presenters sharing their knowledge and wisdom than before. The 2022 Roadshow has an amazing line-up of speakers, including Bena Kallick and Allison Zmuda (US), Judy Lederman (US) and Leslee Udwin (UK). Thinking schools from across the country were also given an opportunity to share their experiences.

Judy Lederman

We decided to go back to a face-to-face Roadshow in the Spring of 2022, starting off with Leslee Udwin and the incredible work that Think Equal does in the early childhood space. The Think Equal programme has been developed by global thought leaders and it has been implemented in over 25 countries. Partners include UNICEF, UNESCO, the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, Columbia University’s Earth Institute, and Pope Francis’ Global Compact for Education.


Leslee Udwin with delegates


Paul Main, founder of Structural Learning, spent ten days in South Africa to share the Universal Framework that he has developed to help students process information and construct knowledge. The strategy promotes creative thinking by emphasising the important connections that exist in every subject and it promotes conceptual understanding that strengthens memory. 

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