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TSSA is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to advancing the teaching and learning of cognitive education in Southern Africa and beyond.

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Our core mandate is training and developing the infusion of thinking skills into the teaching and learning curriculum through whole school thinking strategies and culture. We are an ISASA member and work with a full range of public and independent schools.

All TSSA workshops, in-school training and network meetings are SACE registered for CPD points.

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Durban Girls' College
Whole School (High): Thinking Maps
11th January 2024
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Thinking Maps for High School

All teachers at DGC in the high school attended a 6 hour workshop on Thinking Maps on 11th January. The Thinking Maps provide a shared visual language for learning. There are eight Thinking Maps that correlate to eight cognitive processes and can be applied across all content areas and all grades. 

The feedback from teachers was in the form of one of the Visual Thinking Routines: I used to think .... Now I think ....

Here is what some teachers said:

I used to think Thinking Maps are:                                                        Now I think Thinking Maps are:

- like mind maps                                                                                      - linked to 8 cognitive processes

- used for summaries only                                                                      - used for different applications

- going to change my thinking                                                              - a useful tool to enhance learning

- not going to be useful in high school math                                       - will aid my teaching

- very cumbersome and complicated                                                   -  attainable, user-friendly, agile, adaptable, useful, illuminating

- too much for me to fathom                                                                 - perfectly doable

                                                                                                                 - a creative way to engage students

                                                                                                                 - provide us with opportunities to enhance teaching and learning

- abstract                                                                                                 - a collaborative instrument that helps teachers and learners engage  with content  on a                                                                                                                       different level

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