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Whole Staff Professional Development

Are you looking for staff training that is…

  • Practical, and based on real classroom experience in the curriculum?

  • Going to make a lasting impact on teaching and learning in your school?

  • Developing classroom practice where your students assimilate skills, dispositions and drive that make a difference in their performance, relationships and lives?

…then talk to us about Whole Staff Professional Development that meets your needs.

Whether it is face-to-face, on-line or blended, TSSA staff training earns CPD points, and even more importantly, is based on modelling the skills and behaviour we want to see in the classroom, staff room, sports field and home.


How to make Professional Development stick

That depends on whether Professional Development is what we do or what we become.

Our training approach is about supporting schools to become a safe space of deeper questioning, active critical thinking and collaboration and more open-mindedness to other points of view.

It is also about building schools as Thinking Communities that share best practice and have ongoing conversations to share and grow how we teach and learn best. This is what we mean when we talk about Thinking Routines, Cultures of Thinking, Thinking Languages or a Thinking School – in which it is very helpful to have a Drive Team of teachers and of students to support ongoing implementation of whatever strategy you choose.


The Big Picture

To guide why, what and how we grow and deepen thinking, teaching and learning, it is useful to see how the development of mindset, dispositions, strategies and skills fit together using the curriculum, time and resources that we have. We strongly recommend focusing on deeply developing one high-impact aspect at a time, rather than racing to acquire the biggest toolbox.

Contact us to discuss the next step that works best for you. As a non-profit organization, our priority is to support you not only with once-off training, but also the ongoing support and thinking community on the journey of implementation.

Deepening Thinking Practices in your school

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