Who We Are

We are a group of educators and change agents passionate about developing Growth Mindset attitudes, Critical, Creative and Collaborative thinking skills and Mindful, Empathetic behaviour of students, teachers, parents and schools.


So that we develop individuals and thinking communities that thrive and make a difference.


By supporting you as a teacher, head and/or parent to develop an active thinking, caring culture in your school, home and community


TSSA is registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation and Public Benefit Organisation. Our core mandate is training and developing the infusion of thinking skills into the teaching and learning curriculum through whole school thinking strategies and culture.       


We are an ISASA member and work with a full range of public and independent schools, ploughing our proceeds back into the community and providing on-going implementation support to School Drive Teams. All TSSA workshops, in-school training and network meetings are SACE registered for CPD points.

Only TSSA embeds thinking skills into your curriculum and context in these key ways:


            The practical classroom experience of TSSA’s Community of Practice of thousands of teachers across

            South Africa.

            Trainers who are Teachers too, with the street credibility of having implemented Thinking School Strategies in the              South African (CAPS/IEB/International Schools) context themselves

            Open Workshops and Whole Staff Professional Development on-line and in your school, with on-going                                  termly Network support for your Drive Team to continue to deepen practical implementation (all SACE                                  accredited)


Meet the Team

TSSA Board Members

Mrs Jane McIntyre
Chief Executive Officer
Dr Louis Benjamin
Early Childhood Development
Dr Anita Worrall
Mr Lebogang Montjane
ISASA Director
Dr Sonja Vandeleur
Cognitive Education
Dr Fru Nche
Innovation Director
Dr Craig Blewett
Digital Age Pedagogy

Operational Team

Mrs Mariane Vorster
Financial Manager
Mr Dan Nair
Communications Manager
Mr Linda Shezi
Principals' Representative