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TSSA Roadshow 2023

Learning Fundamentals
through Metacognitive Practices

Paul Main
Structural Learning
Cambridge, UK

For the TSSA Roadshow 2023, Paul will share his work on: 

  • how visuals help learning; and

  • how students connect their ideas together to build conceptual understanding. 

Each delegate will receive Structural Learning's Critical Thinking Toolkit to help deliver and plan for deeper learning experiences that enable learners to take ownership of their work.

Find out more by going to his website:


Johannesburg: 13th March

Pietermaritzburg: 15th March

Cape Town: 17th March

08:30 - 15:15

Cost: R1 750

Special offer! 

Register for 5, Pay for 4! 

(15% discount for TSSA Network School members)

Package Deal

Register for the World Educational Summit through TSSA and register for 3, pay for 2 for the Roadshow. 

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